Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Very eccentric "Get The People" guitar is appropriately populated by tiny people

This guitar is really quite eccentric. Built and played by guitarist Ben Simon who played it on the European tour of his band, Get The People, it has a partially chambered ash body with ambrosia maple top. The word "PEOPLE" serves as a soundhole in the chambered area, whilst hollowed out recesses in the guitar's top have been populated by tiny figures of people (apparently bought from a "model railroader's store"; I guess these are the sort of figures you'd see on a model railway layout, although I'm surprised that a Sumo wrestler is included!) which have been sealed into the top with epoxy.

The body shape with single cutaway and slightly exaggerated lower horn plus headstock with seemingly randomly-placed machine heads puts me in mind of the Musicvox Space Cadet. It's a fun guitar, but I would have thought that it means the most to its creator, and fear that the eBay starting price of $1,750 and Buy It Now price of $2,250 may simply be too high for such a curious piece.

G L Wilson

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