Sunday, 17 July 2011

Teisco Mello-Tone J-2 - one of their more basic designs
This is another blog post from "off the cutting room floor", so to speak. That is to say, it never made it past the draft stage and because the auction from which the images were culled finished a long time ago, we have nothing to link to. However...

We've been looking at a number of Teisco guitars recently. This one is probably about as basic as it gets: simple slab-bodied single-cutaway design, bolt-on neck, single pickup, no complicated vibrato or other hardware. I believe this dates from the late 1950s. It certainly has that old Danelectro-esque charm to it. My guess is that the bridge has been updated so as to allow intonation to be set for each string - I think the original bridge would most likely have been much simpler.

G L Wilson

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