Saturday, 2 July 2011

Jasperbridge percussion guitar

I should really not do that, looting honorable colleague bloggers, but the alternative guitar I discovered today on the excellent Muzicosphere is too astonishing to keep it discreet: check this, the Jasperbridge percussion guitar is both familiar and completely new...

Some brilliant and twisted mind who decided that hitting the strings with a drumstick was a better way of playing guitar (who never tried this?) thought that it required a proper instrument, and came up with this strange thing, simple and pragmatic, most likely with a unexpected potential...

Because though I don't think that this percussion guitar will revolutionize the 6-string universe, I'm sure that some day some musician will find his own way to play it - probably far from what it was meant for - and produce some great music on it. I can tell that I myself imagine many things to do with it, and I'd put it on stage within 3 weeks!

For now, look at this video, a perfect example of how to use the percussion guitar, in a very classic way...


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