Thursday, 14 July 2011

1962 Epiphone Riviera with tremolo, reverb and tone expressor

It's strange, I have the feeling that I already saw this kind of guitar on the web but for now I cannot find any information about this 1962 Epiphone Riviera with its large Jolana-style pickguard and its strangely placed effects - tremolo, reverb and tone expressor as you can see on the close-up below... Is it a one-off mod, a forgotten limited edition or is it so stuffy in Berlin today that I'm not able to use Google anymore?  Anybody who can tell me more is welcome!

Edit: it' actually the 'Professional' model - a short lived series, some having also a trem bar like on this demo video, on which you can see that the knobs and switches are not so awkwardly placed has it would appear at first sight to a tight-ass 21st century guitar lover! Thanks to our sharp readers...


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  1. This model was paired with a matching amplifier and connected to that amp with a 5-conductor cable which allowed the guitar-mounted controls to adjust amplifier parameters. Here is one that was on consignment in 12th Fret (Toronto) in December 2011:




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